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We proudly pour the amazing craft roasted Barossa Coffee, roasted just down the road in Seppeltsfield. With a focus on seasonal single origin coffee and a 'People and Planet Friendly' approach, Barossa Coffee are the perfect partner for us and our values. Their traceable, high grade beans show their respect for the grower and the origin, allowing us to follow the food story all the way to it's source.


Uganda Organic Bugisu Semi Washed Gr1

Nose: Glace orange & raisin


Smooth body of blackcurrant & orange, stone fruit acidity & walnut cocoa lingering finish

Vintage: 2018

Country:  Uganda

Region:  Eastern Mbale District

Altitude:  1300 – 1900 MASL

Varietal:  Arabica – Typica, SL14, SL28 & Bugishu

Process:  Semi Washed

Q-Grade:  Cupping Score 82

Seasonal Blend


Sweet chocolate aroma. Mid to high body, milky acidity, caramel notes & buttery mouth feel, finishing long and smooth.

Vintage: 2018-2019

Country:   41% Costa Rica Monte Brisas, 36% Brazil Sitio da Torre, 23% Burundi Carire Hill



Species:   Arabica



Decaf Peru Organic SWP


Juicy cup with a crisp citrus acid upfront. Medium body through to a bakers cocoa and malt finish

Vintage: 2015

Country:   Peru

Region:     Penachi, Lambayeque region

Grower:    Csecanor Co-Operative

Altitude:   1000 – 1700 MASL

Varietal:    Arabica, Caturra

Process:   Swiss Water Process (chemical free)